Installing Pipal Password Analyser For Linux

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Installing Pipal Password Analyser For Linux

Post by jamied_uk on 22nd September 2016, 13:15

git clone


Install / Usage

The app will only work with Ruby 1.9.x, if you try to run it in any previous versions you will get a warning and the app will close.

Pipal is completely self contained and requires no gems installing so should work on any vanilla Ruby install.

Usage is fairly simple, -? will give you full instructions:

./pipal.rb -?
pipal 2.0 Robin Wood ( (

Usage: pipal [OPTION] ... FILENAME
        --help, -h: show help
        --top, -t X: show the top X results (default 10)
        --output, -o : output to file
        --external, -e : external file to compare words against
        --gkey <Google Maps API key>: to allow zip code lookups (optional)

        FILENAME: The file to count

More on how to use:


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