New JNet System In The Making

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New JNet System In The Making Empty New JNet System In The Making

Post by jamied_uk on 22nd April 2016, 22:29 is currently under construction as i plan on making it from scratch and keeping each project as small as possible live tests for feedback will be live part time for testing by anyone that wants to track its progress

Keep an eye on this thread for updates or changes (links will be the top line so that if it ever changes its right there for you! links may change without notice or reason due to free services used maybe 1 day i will pay for another year of web hosting but would need donations for that .com so to keep it simple i use free sites that already have ads and can stay online! hope this makes sense!

IPs can change without notice or could remain depending on isps used to keep jnet alive, this is a resurrection of the J~Net System And as its not ready yet fully working 100% with all apps and features is a long mission as it is a massive site, i use ips so that i do not have to pay for a hostname so i will use redirects (keeping J~Net system ad free (once of of this forum for example in premium that is as i reserve the right to add ads to non premium pages in the future)


I am working on SOF2 Game Server and Web Server with Secure Access & Alot More Coming Soon.

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