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Tracking & Reporting Example And More Empty Tracking & Reporting Example And More

Post by jamied_uk on 28th April 2016, 19:13

Tracking & Reporting Example And More  

(Add Certificate it is not 3rd party so manually add it) ignore warnings with firefox as i don't pay for ssl companies i self sign! this is more secure than http port 80 your data will be encrypted and the key will not be available to any 3rd party therefore probably more secure than you might think.

Or use standard insecure port 80 at your own risk! (your local network could sniff insecure traffic so its up to you i prefer secure all the way).

Let me know if you wish to own this script i will make you a copy and test it to make sure it works and make sure none of my details are init and send you a copy if you would like to donate £10 i will sort this out within a day please let me know.

It will have a couple buttons on a landing page for the reporting folder plus a ban by  ip button (with images)
a map button with image to track a visitors location for your demographic research also it will have
a button to navigate to visitors ip to see what they get up to Smile
(My Live Testing Site is part time when im about its on basically Smile

The Actual Auth and login is seperate and upto you how you create the required session work! (you can add a line to your own or ask about buying that sort of thing Very Happy

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