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Post by jamied_uk on 8th July 2016, 00:55

<code class=" language-bash">curl -L https://install.pivpn.io <span class="token operator">|</span> <span class="token function">bash</span></code>

Remember to Update!

Remember — now you’ve completed the whole process of getting the VPN installed, run the following command to ensure your Pi is secure in the immediate future:
sudo apt-get upgrade
Once that is all updated, we can feel safe enough to set up a client for VPN access!

Setting up Your First VPN Client

From this point, you’ve got an OpenVPN instance running on your Pi through PiVPN. However, to access the VPN from other computers and devices on the network, it will need a client that these devices can connect through. To add this client, we enter the following command:
pivpn add
It will ask you for a name for the client. Call it whatever your heart desires. It will also ask for a passphrase: this is the password for accessing the VPN through this client. Don’t forget this one — as you otherwise won’t be able to connect to your VPN server using this client!
Once you’ve done that, it will generate an
file for that client. You’ll need this to log in on each client device.

OpenVPN Clients

There are a range of OpenVPN clients you can download to use on various platforms. You can find them at openvpn.net. Those aren’t the only ones available; I personally used Tunnelblick on my Mac.

Port Forwarding

One area that will be different for everyone is port forwarding on your router. You need to set up forwarding on your router for the port you set up for the VPN (by default, it was 1194). We want any requests to that port to go to your Pi’s IP address. This setup is different for every router; however, you can find out more about the process of port forwarding here. Look up “port forwarding” and your router name to find out how to do this for your own router. Be careful when updating router settings!


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