Keeping Your ESP8266 NODE MCU IoT Projects Secure

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Keeping Your ESP8266 NODE MCU IoT Projects Secure Empty Keeping Your ESP8266 NODE MCU IoT Projects Secure

Post by jamied_uk on 15th May 2017, 17:27


Some code devs are making projects and sharing them on YT which is great, but they are sometimes forgetting 1 line of code that can leave your projects insecure!

above is a list of commands, choose one that best suits your needs, for myself I needed the STA mode line instead of the AP_STA mode which maybe the default if no mode is specified!

If you select both AP & STA mode then you will have connection to your local router network and it will also have its own access point with no password (in some cases) thus giving access to your device easily!

I just required STA Mode so that was a good fix, i put the line with_STA inside the sketch file before where it connects to your AP.

Are you're projects affected?

The project in question had a AP of its own called AI-THINKER
So look for that AP near your projects!


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