Mint 16 Review The Bad Bits!

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Mint 16 Review The Bad Bits! Empty Mint 16 Review The Bad Bits!

Post by jamied_uk on 9th December 2013, 11:25

Mint 16 Review The Bad Bits!

1. apache2 server fails to allow external drives as a www folder for example instead of the standard /var/www you cant use another drive location.

2. KDE fails to help with effects this maybe a graphics driver issue and hope this will be fixed (i want my wobbly windows).

3. The software manager sometimes fails at 99% weather its completed or not 100% successfully!

4. The upload manager once opened starts on startup everytime with no option to choose not to open within the UM itself!

5. Sometimes firefox youtube full screen mode applet crashes!

6. No newest flash installed or available, and manual install of this flash dosnt seem to work either!

7. Skype crashes and sometimes fails to save any settings and changes!

8. No windows installer available for mint 16 cinnamon 64 bit version, there excuse is an iso size, this is such a stupid excuse!!

9. Rearly it crashes but i have had this issue at least 2 times where iv had to hard off the system or Ctrl F2 and sudo poweroff to restart.

10. I expected more from this OS, theres no easy way of creating a shortcut to open a folder you have to make your own launcher for example in the command put dolphin --select /media/your/folder/location/

11. transmission is installed but doesn’t list in the software manager to be uninstalled (they need to use ktorrent and not crappy transmission and ive a way to uninstalled installed apps, I tried from cli and SM.

12. no screen savers are installed instead all i get with this new os is blank screen on a delay, this is lame!

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