Mint 16 Review The Good Bits!

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Mint 16 Review The Good Bits! Empty Mint 16 Review The Good Bits!

Post by jamied_uk on 9th December 2013, 11:58

Mint 16 Review The Good Bits!

 1. Its alot faster and has more downloadable content.

2.  Loads up alot faster, and shut-down alot faster.

3. installs a basic graphics driver although its not the recommended version it does work well and allows duel screen out of the box once you choose those settings.

4. very fast installation time.

5. alot more new features installed for customization, although it needs an option to allow for opening all folders for when it was shut down (open last used folders are 1 of my favourite features and cant seem to find this 1 option).

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