IPv6 and high speed networking

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IPv6 and high speed networking Empty IPv6 and high speed networking

Post by jamied_uk on 22nd January 2014, 11:44

I recommend cat6 or cat6e if you want up to 10 gigabit speeds but ipv6 should work on cat5e and cat6 and cat6e plus make sure you have the correct switches if you want gigabit or 10 gigabit speeds and try not to have really long cables every 50 metres of cable it maybe a good idea to have a switch to boost the power and signal if you get to 100 metres you will notice a slight decrease in speed, i am not an expert but this is what i believe to work the best also if you can afford 10 gigabit switches it will cost anything from 1.5,000 - £5,000 just for one 10 gigabit switch so it depends if your doing web hosting or anything like that, but for big files transfers gigabit should be ok but that’s only because there is no 10 gigabit network cards that go in computers that i have found yet for commercial use, so the 10 gigabit switches are good for connecting to other switches or two different networks.

So for 10/100 use cat5 or cat5e

For 10/100/1000 (gigabit) use cat6 or cat6e

And for 10 GB speeds use cat6e or cat7 (maybe)!

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