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Silver And GOLD Coins Empty Silver And GOLD Coins

Post by jamied_uk on 22nd September 2014, 20:27
You could swap 10 silver coins for 1 gold coin and vise verser and charge for conversion and delivery cost plus profit amount = tax cost amount!

PM Me for info.

Gold Coins Minimum of 10 coins for £1972.8

184.92 each when you buy 500   = £986,40

197.28 Single GOLD Coin Cost Each

The price of gold on the financial markets,

at $1,214 (£743) an ounce at present, is more than £400 lower than three years ago.

in english GBP stirling cost would be

£743 per ounce


£19 silver coins also available!

Silver Coins

    Britannia Silver from £14.50
    Lunar Silver from £14.78

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