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Terms & Conditions Of Use *MUST READ & ACCEPT*

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Terms & Conditions Of Use *MUST READ & ACCEPT* Empty Terms & Conditions Of Use *MUST READ & ACCEPT*

Post by Admin 9th May 2010, 00:12

Take Your Time In Asking Questions Thinking What.......

1. What I might need to know for me to help with your question.
2. Check your grammar and spelling.
3. Read what’s available and use search to see if question has already been answered before to save everyone’s time.
4. Reserve attitude and judgement and treat others how you would like to get treated, respect other members views and consider modifying before posting replles.
5. No spamming / phishing

This is also the T&C Of service.

In tern you will get....

1. The same back.
2. Respect back for your comments, posts or replies.
3. A quicker smarter reply.
4. Further future help.
5. Safe fast reliable quality help assured guaranteed.

if you post i will assume that you agree to these T&C, if you breach these T&C you will be BANNED!


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