create ssl webserver at last with linux

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create ssl webserver at last with linux Empty create ssl webserver at last with linux

Post by jamied_uk on 19th March 2011, 13:56

Finally a working SSL with linux and also the self signed cirificates worked but had to add exception these commands are how i got this far

when you have finished you will be given the code to restart the service, do this after your last command :d.

OK lets get started.

first command to input is

sudo a2ensite default-ssl

ignore restart command info.

now type in this

sudo a2enmod ssl

now restart with the command it sais when the previous command has finished.


If you have changed your hostname after this point use following command. (if you have not changed anything since last step ignore this following command. :d

if yes continue......


if you would like self signed ssl and have changed hostname install the ssl-cert package command below.

for this enter this command

sudo make-ssl-cert generate-default-snakeoil --force-overwrite

ok now restart apache with command it shows after previous command has finished or for in any event this is not showed use restart computer button :d.

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